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November 2, 2011
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warning: vore, transfomation, brother and sister vore

Mike was out cool sleeping on the couch he was very tired from a hard day at school.

His older sister Emma was coming into the room she was bord and had nothing to do and saw Mike sleeping "Mike," she said trying to wake Mike up Emma pushed on him and moved him around on the couch, "ummmmm," Mike mound not even waking up, Emma was so bord she hated being bord not even going on the computer or watching TV sounded fun,
"ahhhh, I'm so bord," Emma said
she sate down on the edge of the couch thinking of something to do she look at Mike and had some idea hatching in her head she got up then walked into her room, her room had a lot of posters and a book shelf with a TV she reached down under her bed and pulled out a suit case, she unlocked the suit case inside of it was bottles of potions she had created she got a bottle of her favorite one it was one that could turn her into a dragon but she wasn't going to use it at least not yet.

She came back into the living room she had two poisons in her hands her one potion was one that made anything indestructible and the other was the dragon transformation potion she slowly lifted Mike's head up and slipped the indestructible potion into his mouth, she gently and slowly lifted his head up and down making sure he swallowed it and did not choke on it now her brother was complete indestructible he could not be hurt, he could not be killed by anything she then popped open the dragon bottle and took a small sip of it.

Emma began to transform the pores in her skin began to grow silver scales, her back began to get a hunch as her back pumped up and down, her spine grew long white spikes, then a long sliver scaled tail whipped out of her rear ripping her pants "darn it should have undressed before I drank it," she said in embarrassed ton, then her arms bent and became dragon like and then her back legs grew longer then they became dragon like too, her finger nails turned into claws and she started getting taller, two long horns appeared out of her head and her eyes turned cat-like, she grew a snout out of her face and her yellow hair became a mane down her neck that had became very long, two long bat-like wings ripped out of her shirt in a complete flash she had become a beautiful silver dragon, but she was not at her full size she only drank a bit to big enough to stay in the house; Emma admired her dragon body she loved being a dragon it was always such fun.  

Emma looked down at her sleeping little brother she gave a purr then nuzzled Mike's face "Mikky wakey wakey," she said she said giving him a nudge, Mike began to move he started to lift himself up then blinked a few times "here let me help," Emma said sticking her salivated tongue out then licked Mike on the face she slobbered Mike's face, then licked his eyes clear his sight from the eye goop Emma put her tongue back in her mouth licking that tast of her brother on chops, Mike's head was wet and smelled like dragon breath "Oh hi Emma," Mike said Emma giggled then nuzzled her little brother again "nice to know your up so you want to fly?" Emma asked
"Fly you mean like me riding on your back?"
"yep, so do you?" she asked again  
Mike paused a little then stretched and gave a yawn "Yah sure lets go flying," Emma wagged her tail in excitement.

Emma and Mike had walked out side then Mike hopped onto his sister's back and they had went for a long fly throw the forest, since Emma had a mane he had something to hold on to it didn't hurt her at all, Emma enjoyed flying it gave her a adrenalin rush as did Mike, "you enjoying the ride kiddo," Emma called Mike could barley hear her over the wind blowing in his ears "Yes ever second of it," Mike yelled "GO FASTER!" Emma hard her brother's cry "you want speed so be it," she said then laughed as she flapped her wings as hard as she could she went as fast as a any thing air plane could go, Mike gave a loud laugh as he opened his arms to feel the full rush, "YAAAAAA!" he laughed Emma began to flapper her wings slowly to make her flying more genital, she flapped her wings then dropped to the ground with a loud boom, "that was fun wasn't it," Emma asked Mike was still on sitting on her back "it was awesome," he said then wrapped his arms around her then hugged Emma's neck "I love you Emma," Mike said rubbing his face on her soft dragon skin, "I love you too bro," she said then gave Mike a lick on the check.

Emma closed her eyes making herself look very cute then she hard her stomach growl witch made her go wide eye "Sound like I'm hungry," she said giving her stomach a rube then looked down at her little brother
"and I have the perfect snack," she then licked her chops giving Mike a very hungry look, Mike jumped off her back then looked at her "well umm," Mike was trying to talk "Mike your not afraid of me voring you?" Emma asked "haha no way are you kidding me like I'm afraid of being vored by you, seriously how many times have we done this," Mike said then gave a chuckle he gave Emma a little hit on the shoulder "ok haha oh and I just remembered I gave you the indestructible position so you'll be safe,"
"cool," Mike said then got in front of Emma "when ever your ready,"
Emma lifted her head down then opened her maw as wide as she could (she was not her full size in her dragon form) Mike took long look inside of her maw saliva dripped from the top of her pink fleshy mouth, and long tongue looked extra spongy and Mike looked further and spotted her flexing throat with the dangling uvula with drips of saliva at the tip of it, Emma sticked her tongue out then Emma lifted her tail up and put it around Mike's shoulder then leaned him in closer "Mike could feel my tongue for me please," Emma asked Mike was glade to give her the request.

Mike gently placed his hand on Emma's warm moist tongue he felt the tip edge his hand sank into her flesh pink tongue, Emma salivated her warm saliva dripped on Mike sending chills down his spine; Mike rubbed the soft and softer parts of Emma's tongue he began to use both hands then he started to rest on her soft tongue the warm saliva felt warm on his face, Emma wrapped her tongue around Mike's legs then lifted him into her mouth sending him inside Mike's top half was now inside his dragon sister's mouth Mike's arms were now half way into Emma's throat Mike spotted her uvula he brought his left hand up and gave her uvula a tickle, Emma gave small laugh as Mike tickled her uvula; from inside Mike was greeted by a booming, echoing laugh Mike then stopped and let the rest of his tripe go on.
Emma began to lift her head up high Mike's legs were still sticking out of her mouth Emma could feel her little brother slip down into her throat and with a swallow Mike began to move down further and further Mike's bottom half was vanishing in a fleshy tube and a dragon tongue, a large lump appeared in Emma's neck as she swallowed she felt Mike sliding down gentle from inside Mike enjoyed it every second of this the muscles pushing him down felt like a full body massage as he made his travel down to his sister's stomach, Emma watched as the lump traveled then vanished inside her rib cage she could feel Mike plop inside her stomach.

Mike fell down into his sister's stomach were he was greeted by some slimy saliva, and stomach juices it smelled like fruit snacks and candy inside which made Mike wish he had some candy to eat the saliva and juice were at the end of her stomach but Mike had no worry of them he crawled around on soft fleshy stomach floor his hands and knees squished into the pink flesh, Mike began to rube the walls and give them a little itch, From outside Emma felt her brother tickling him witch made her giggle she dropped on to her side laughing "Mike stop that," Emma begged as Mike continued, Mike was satisfied with torturing his sister from the inside then gave a laugh himself of pride "your the best sis," he said now giving her a rub "thanks Mike your a good kid too," Emma's voice echoed as she rested on the tall soft grass.

Mike might as well sleep he was kind of tired from the whole flight and school Mike found his favorite spot in her stomach then rested between her soft stomach wall and floor and fell asleep from the sound of her genital heart beat and loving warmth around him.           
                                     The End :)
here's another dragon Sister vore story hope you all enjoy
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