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October 22, 2011
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Give full credit to masterlevan1 he made this for me give him all the credit

WARNING: Contains soft vore and suspenseful situations!
All characters, settings, and locations belong to Christopher Paolini


Three weeks ago I was just a farm boy, and now I'm apparently a dragon rider. Brom keeps telling me that my destiny is far greater than that of any farmer or simple folk. Sometimes I just want to slap him, ha-ha but I guess I probably couldn't if I tried.
We have been tracking the monsters that killed my uncle, the Ra'zac, for nearly a week and have finally found out where they are headed. We picked up their tracks yesterday when we found Teirm, a small city that was nearly abandoned by its people. We are about five days away from Dras-Leona, the town where the Ra'zac seem to be heading.

My dragon, Saphira, has helped me cope with the loss of my uncle and has assured me that she will be by my side until the end of whatever life or journey we're on. Sometimes I think for such a frighteningly, beautiful creature, Saphira knows how to keep calm and give comfort in her own way. For now, it is just Brom, Saphira, and I traveling to kill these creatures.

After that, I don't know what we'll do or even what we can do. We're on day two of traveling towards this mysterious town that I know nothing about. I don't know, ever since I lost my uncle and even a little before that I've been on edge and haven't been able to think straight. Brom has continued to teach me a little of everything everyday: the ancient language, magic, swordsman training, and my favorite part, how to ride Saphira.

Even though it's difficult, I've been picking up most of the ancient stuff Brom has taught me. The magic is challenging as it seems even the simplest incantation takes everything out of me and then, I can't stand for fifteen minutes. It is rather frustrating and Brom is always, well, "Brom" when I can't get it after numerous tries, and I thought farming was hard work. Well let us hope that this "four" day journey doesn't turn into one of Brom's greatest adventure lectures, uh.  


"Well my boy, there ya have it, a perfect lashing" said Brom almost proudly. "Yes well, I never needed to make a tent on the farm now did I" I said with a lethargic tone. Brom just went on fixing and raising the tent as we had took to our campsite at the end of our second day. We still had about four days according to Brom and we were already tired from all of the events of the last few days. Saphira was laying on some grass patches a few stretches from our site and was just watching the two of us the way she always does, with that keen protectors eye that always had that sapphire flash happening occasionally. "Ya know Eragon, if you're just going to sully around and just watch me try and put up the tent, why don't you look for a stream or something around here that we can actually drink from 'cause if ya hadn't noticed we're almost out" said Brom in his usual lecture tone. "Alright, Alright, I'll be back in a while, go ahead and wine to all of Alagaësia (I said under my breath)." "I'll come with you little one, I could use a good walk" I heard Saphira say softly in my mind. "Besides, there's only so long I can sit here staring at Brom and the fire, hmhm." "Fine, okay Brom Saphira and I will be back shortly while we're looking for your water." "Alright, but be careful the forest is a dangerous place" said Brom. "Whatever", I said under my breath.

As Saphira and I walked through the forest, the cool evening air started breezing in through the trees, and the forest itself awoke in its nightly wonder. All manner of insects and creatures continued to add their sound to the symphony of noise that echoed through the wood as we continued onward. After about fifteen minutes or so we still had had no luck and I thought to pass the time, I could talk to Saphira.

"Hey Saphira so, have you liked flying as much as I have." "Of course I have little one, I am a dragon if you forgot, I love flying and even more so when you're riding on me" she said firmly. "Well thanks, I enjoy it to, hopefully we can find some water before we all start getting thirsty and Brom starts wining, ha-ha." "Ha, yes well we shouldn't be much farther" Saphira stated bluntly. Another twenty minutes went by and the forest was getting thicker and Saphira and I were getting more exhausted by the minute. When we finally got to a small spring, my knee was all scraped up, Saphira was tired, and her stomach was growling as we both moved to sit down.

After drinking both of our fills, Saphira laid down on the edge of the spring and I rested myself against her side, completely exhausted from the walk that seemingly took forever. After a few moments, Saphira started licking my leg to get all the dust, dirt, and blood off of my scraps that had ripped through my pants. Though Saphira had licked me before, it felt totally different on my leg as she cleaned off the dirt. As I was contemplating the different feeling on my leg, Saphira was enjoying herself as she continued her "cleansing" regimen.  "I hadn't realized that Eragon tasted this good", Saphira thought to herself as she continued licking.

After a few more licks, Saphira's stomach growled again as I adjusted myself to rest against Saphira, "Guess you're as hungry as I am, huh Saphira, ha-ha" I said casually, "Ha-ha, guess I am" she said softly as an idea formed in her mind. "Eragon, so did that licking help your bruises and such", she said with a subtle grin. "Yeah, surprisingly it did and it felt good in a weird sort of way" I stated firmly, unaware that Saphira was slowly adjusting herself to face me. "Well, um, I want to do something that you may not agree with, but it's just we've walked a long way and I, um, have had a revelation while I was cleaning your wound" she said suggestively. "Um sure Saphira, what did you want to do, and wait what revelation" I said hesitantly as I turned to see that she had moved and was closer to me than before.

"Well, Eragon, you know I would never, ever do anything to harm you, but, um, I'm starving and, well, I didn't realize that you tasted so good as I was licking your leg so…"she said affectionately.  "Um, Saphira, you're not thinking of what I think you are, are you" I asked as I started to back away from her slowly. "Don't worry, I've wanted to do this for a long time but it's never been the right time." "WHAT, Saphira, no, um wait…." I started to turn to run but one of her claws came and pinned me to the ground. I started to kick and struggle as Saphira grabbed my boots with her mouth and threw them into the bushes. I kept trying to get free of her grasp until I felt something soft, wet, and silky on my feet and lower legs. I can't believe this, it's her TOUNGE, she is actually eating me, ME, her supposed dragon rider.

Saphira started moving up my body licking and salivating on each part of me up to my waist. As I sat there trying to lift her claw I felt myself picked up and raised up to Saphira's eye level. "Saphira, please don't, I…I'm sorry f…for whatever I did" I pleaded frantically. She just gave me a subtle grin and a flashy stare before opening her mouth to reveal a deep red maw, drenched in thick saliva, with her silky tongue beckoning me forward, and her throat making steady, but strong contractions as she breathed.

The tongue wrapped around my chest and pulled me in her maw up to my knees and started licking me all over, drenching my head and chest in saliva and pulling my body in farther so my head hit the opening to her throat as my feet entered her mouth. I tried everything I could; I kicked, punched, and flailed around, trying to kick her anywhere or grab her tongue but every time I thought that I'd grabbed it, it slipped my grasp and started licking me again.

Outside Saphira, one could see saliva dripping from her maw and could hear her growling softly as she grinned to herself. I felt her look up to the sky as I heard the sound I dreaded; the sound of her swallowing. I felt myself being thrust inside her throat as she swallowed two, three times until I was travelling down her throat at a moderate pace. All I could think about while I was going down the slick, wet, and tight hole that was Saphira's throat, is what I did to make her so mad at me, enough to eat me. After what felt like hours, I dropped into a wider chamber of flesh and fluids that I figured could only be her stomach. "Saphira, please let me out, I really don't want to experience being digested", I said, severely frightened. "Calm down Eragon, as I said before, I don't want to hurt you, I'll let you out in a while". Between my accelerated breathing, Saphira's steady heart beats, and the intensifying heat of being surrounded by her flesh and body, I quickly fell victim to exhaustion and deep slumber.

Hours later, I awoke and realized that, other than still being in Saphira's stomach, I was alive. "I guess she wasn't trying to kill me", I said quietly to myself. Moments later I felt my surroundings contract and push me upwards with great force so that after a few minutes I found myself in Saphira's maw again and, after licking me several times, ultimately on the cool grass by the pond. It took me a few moments to regain my senses and even a few moments after that to try and get up; all the while Saphira was trying to lick all of the excess liquids on my clothes.

"Okay, okay, OKAY, stop" I said almost shouting. Saphira was taken aback by this but quickly returned to her position and laid her head in my lap. "I'm sorry if I scared you little one but I was starving, tired, and you tasted very good", she said with an affectionate smile. "Yeah well, you scared me half to death, I…I thought I had made you mad or something and that you were going to kill me", I said firmly. "Well firstly, I care deeply about you Eragon and would never, ever harm you, and secondly you forget that if you die, I die also so, ha-ha, I can't hurt you", Saphira stated bluntly.

"Okay, I know I'm overreacting, and it did feel good, sort of, in a weird way, just ask before suddenly eating me okay." "Hmhm no promises little one", she said with a toothy smile. "Well now that we've found the water and filled most of the canister you can fly us back to Brom, he's probably worried sick about us", I said, still trying recover from being eaten. "Actually we've only been gone for about two to three hours and you did say we'd be gone "awhile" ha-ha", Saphira stated happily. "Alright just fly us back as quick as you can."

Saphira was able to quickly fly us back to Brom in about ten minutes; although he chastised us for being over schedule he was glad that we were alight and didn't bother asked why my clothes were damp and smelled like fish. As we set out the next morning for our journey I did feel a little bit better about all of our adventures and seemed a lot less stressed about how everything seemed against us. Even though I was a little more wary of Saphira she still was as affectionate as ever and was nice enough to let me ride on her back finally after two days of walking, trying to avoid all of the detection scouts. "Well, I thought to myself, at least it won't take four days to get there but I guess the sooner we get there the better." "Why, is that Eragon, don't want to spend more time enjoying the woods", she stated suggestively. "Ha-ha very funny just fly."

                                     The End
here's a another story request made by :iconmasterlevan1:

This is a Eragon vore read and enjoy

charators belong to Christopher Paolini
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at first I just wanted to see were this was going then it started to get a funney kind of thing when she said *you taste good or* or something like and tne creepy that then funny again but it does delver a fav and disserve one to I think but to be mean but it kind of cool for a vore   and a barley like vore I was just going see the story up till the vore then get out but na al see so FAV OR ME for GETTING ME into thanks a lot...
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