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April 21, 2012
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Warning: Soft Vore, Willing, Safe, Non fatal  

In an orphanage near a forest a young boy by the age of 15 years old was in his room all alone he sate on his bed writing in his not yet finished book, he wear a green tunic with dark gray wrinkled ripped pants his hair was a brownish blond with bright blue eyes he sate on his bed with his legs crossed up with his book resting on his legs, he had a feather pen in his hand the boy wrote in some pages in the book his book was about the times he had spent in the orphanage alone when he traveled around the forest when no one would look he started writing about the legends the man in the orphanage had told him once "their were great tales of flying beasts that roam the mountains near hear the forest are nor safer the winged beasts walk throw forests looking for pray, they fly the skies and Earth is their hunting grounds, do not even think of trying to,.." the boy stopped writing when a knock at the door came "Link launch time," a woman's voice called for him.

Link was the boy's name he never remembered his parents he had lived in the orphanage all his life he placed his book under his pillow and walked to the door then opened it their was an old woman standing at the end of the door she wear a red dress and had a par of glasses on her face "good your up food ready you better go get some," she said Link just nodded to her then walked pasted her into a hallway then to the mane room where all the other children were at four huge long tables eating food in another part of the room a fat man with a chefs hat and a big mustache under his big nose Link walked up to him showing a happy face "Ahhhey Link how you doing lade so you want some soup?" the man said in a joyful ton
"yes please Hravie," Link said grabbing a bowl from a table and holding it out to him, Hravie used a big spoon to scoop up some soup and pored it into his bowl Link smiled then said goodbye to Hravie then walked out into the courtyard Link went over to a fountain he always ate beside.

Link had eaten a few scoops of soup it was chicken soup one of his favorites meals Link normally ate alone he didn't really have any friends to talk to but he did like Hravie he was like a uncle to him, Link never really liked being near the other kids they would always make fun of him so it was pointless to him Link felt a cold breeze go past him, it got his attention it felt like ice touching his skin and the breeze coasted his clothing and hair to move.

Link looked up to the cloudy skies he could see the lush forests and the tall mountains he could see a large winged figure flying a great speed Link watched as its black wings lashed throw the clouds mist Link stood up as the figure began to fly over the orphanage Link quickly dropped his bowl of soup and ran into the kitchen, Link had a scared look on his face as he ran Link bumped into someone he fell down to see the a familiar face he did not want to be near this boy had dirty clothing and had a mean look on his face he had darker hair then Link and more older then him "watch were you going you little welp," he shouted in his face Link just quickly rolled away then ran into the hallway then back in his room, Link quickly pulled out his book out then began to write into it.

It was now a few hours it was now night, about 8:04 at night Link had written in his book about the shadowy figure he saw flying over the  he was mountains board and was still with the thought of what it would be like if he had a family, all his life Link had watched families take and adopt all children everyone had their luck but him; every time he would try the couple would not want him. Link began to walk around the orphanage he was feeling his depression again the thought of not being in a family was getting to him, Link traveled down to the area of the forest were he was greeted by tall trees that stretched to the skies and tall blades of waving green grass, Link came to a large field surrounded by the forest he could see birds flying around the grass he came over to small fallen tree that looked like it had been their for months do to its growth of moss he sate down beside the tree and gave a few boring breath sounds the cold night air blew across the fields and the smell of pine trees was carried along with the air Link's eyes started becoming heavy and his head bobbed up and down the boy set his arm on the log then rested his head down and began to let himself fall soundly asleep.

The sound of wings could be heard like the sound of clothes being whipped and wind was being kicked up the small boy was being watched by clear a strait eyes that locked on to him the beast the boy had spotted before slowly and gracefully landed in the fields of grass, its nostrils flared drawing in the sent of young human laying on the side of a log fast asleep.

Link was dreaming of his once and hope to someday be family that would adopt him, Link began to feel the cold rush of the wind on him he saw his skin was now covered in goosebumps Link was being to lazy to move he was in a conferrable position on the old log he moved his arm up to his eyes and rubbed some goop from his eyes, he then noticed how quiet the forest was, how the trees were not rustling, and how no animal made a sound, only the sound of the winds breeze passing by him this made the boy nerves Link then looked back and forth only to see just shadows of trees and the moon's bright light Link began to slowly walk feeling his bare legs brush against the blades of grass when he noticed something in the distance a shape of a figure that was very large in size it resembled a animal of some kind but Link couldn't figure this creature out, then the moon's white light cased upon the creature and Link got a good look at it, at the same time he was amazed and scared to see a real living dragon standing just 25 yards from him and staring him down.  

Link could see the dragon in full sight its eyes glowed a bright red and it had Link in its sights and it looked ready to pounce, the poor boy just gave a worried look as he slowly backed away Link then began to run kicking up his feet as he could here the sound of loud thumping then the sounds became the sounds of a small earth quake of some kind as he ran he felt a blast of air almost knocking him to his feet, the boy looked to see a par of large talons grasping around his whole body and holding him tight Link felt his motionless body beginning to be lifted up in the air then Link was being twisted and turned then he came face to face and eye to eye with the dragon Link whimpered then closed his eyes tight.

The dragon held the human boy tight in its grip it opens it two large wings then flaps four times then takes to the air the cold air brushes against the scales of its body, but it had no effect on its warm body the dragon noticed the small boy was shivering it quickly held the boy up to its chest making sure he was warm and safe.

The boy watched as they, he and the dragon; soared pasted the forest in an amazing speed till they reached a rocky landscape and the looks of pointy rocks that looked like it could kill a person, Link held on tight to the dragon's crest witch was warm and soft and it was his only warmth to the cold chills of the ice cold wind Link could see the dragon was flying over to a mountain that steamed with fog and cave could be spotted, Link and the dragon got closer and closer till they reached the mouth of the cave then entered in the dark cave.

Link was now shrouded with darkness he looked up at the dragon who then dropped him to the cold hard floor Link only whimpered as the dragon nudged him to crawl forward, Link did what the beast was demanding him to do Link stood up then walked deeper into the cave Link could no longer see but the small bit of light from the caves entrees Link was engulfed by the dragon's shadow as he saw it move into the cave itself then he watched the dragon lean down to his level its large snout now touched his arm he could feel its ruff scales and the heat coming from its nostrils that flared when it breathed, Link took this apportioned to touch the dragon with his hand he reached out with his hand shacking timidly then gently pressed it on the dragon's soft nose were its nostrils exhaled air Link then walked away from the dragon his body shacked with fear and from the chills of the air, the poor boy now saw no escape from this dragon it had him up in the mountains were nobody went and no one would come, he knew dragons were the strongest creatures on Earth and no one could hurt them, Link sate down on the floor of the cave then propped his legs up his face kissed his knees, he was now in ball.

The dragon noticed this the boy looked smaller now witch was odd it didn't know humans could change shape the dragon then took in a breath then exhaled a flash of fire hazed out of its mouth lighting a spot on fire that made the human scream and jump the dragon looked over at him and cocked its head in a confused look it rested down on the cave floor then used its tail to unhook a small leaver that triggered a mechanize then a wooden door came down in front of the cave mouth closing the entrees the human yelled and jumped again this time it looked up at the dragon with amazement in its eyes.

Link could not believe what happened he didn't even know that the dragon could have a been so intelligent then he started to wonder if it could speak to him, "tha,..thank you, for closing the door," he said quietly the dragon looked down at him its eyes twinkled from the fire's light, Link didn't get a chance to see the dragon clearly but now he could, he saw that the dragon had dark purple scales, a dark green underbelly, curved golden horns, white talons that looked like it could scratch a tree in three halves, and sapphire blue eyes that shined like a blue jewel, he never seen a dragon so amazing
he could see its underbelly crest breathing in and out as gave a look on its face, its muzzle gave smile and its eyes showed a innocent sign then it wrapped its long tail around Link, Link had both hands on its tail as he was scooted closer to the dragon's muzzle what made him scared but then the dragon's mouth opened slightly then "don't be afraid of me little one," it spoke in calming female ton Link become calm as he stared into the eyes of the dragon "so you can talk," he said then gave a sigh of relief "its nice to meet you," the dragon purred with delight "its nice to meet you as well," the dragon said holding him with her tail "I'm Link," the boy said to the dragon, the dragon stood on her front legs then brought up her paw and placed it on her crest "my name is Salina," she said in a kind ton.

After introducing each other Link became more trusting of the dragon he had took time to hear her stories and more about her history; how she lived with a loving family with her parents, and siblings Link became jealous and a little sad about this. Link was resting by her side wear her arm was propped up beside him to give him some warmth as Link sate comfterbly by his new friend he noticed how her violet scales shinned in the light of fire she made with her breath, Salina brought her head up and looked down at Link "so do you have a family?" she asked hearing that made Link go quiet he covered his face in the shadow of Salina's neck as he showed a sad look on his face with teary eyes, "Link?" Salina asked in worry Link just quickly whipped the tears away then looked up at her "um I don't have a family," he said Salina looked down at him in wonder "what do you mean?" she asked "I live in a orphanage I don't have a family no one," he said in small ton the violet dragon's nuzzle came down then nudged his shoulder "I'm so sorry little one," she said giving Link a little lick on the arm "and here I was talking about how great my family was,.. Oh I'm so sorry Link," she then began to shed small tears that dripped off her chine "please don't cry for me," he said trying to be modest  then hugged her nostrils then stroking her snout Salina smiled her eyes shinned bright "your a good boy," she said giving Link a pet on the head with her tail tip.

Salina watched Link resting on her front paws she began to think what would her family think if he came to live with them, they would welcome him with open arms, or open fangs and claws that part of thinking made her worry she wondered what he would thinking living in a family of dragons, she stared down at him then nudged him, Link turned around to face Salina "what is it?" he asked
"well I was thinking what if, I get my family to adopt you and you can live with me and my family," she said
Link looked at her he was speechless "you mean it," he said in shock
"yes," she answered Link's face gave a huge smile as he ran up to her crest and hugged it "thank you, thank you so much," he said rubbing his face on her crest Link looked up at her "thanks for inviting me, new sister," he chuckled "Salina is fine thanks," Salina said patting his head then the boy jumped when he hared the sound of  rumbling in Salina's stomach,
"um,.. Uh oh," both Salina and Link said Link knew that when dragons where hungry they would eat anything this made the boy nervous, Salina just nuzzled him on the cheek "its ok,.." she said Salina stood up making Link move as she started looking around in her cave for some snacks she turned her head a few times looking for some food she might have left in the cave she gave a worried look then stared at her new brother "I,.. I can't find any food," she said almost giving Link a warning, Link started shacking and crept his head down a shadow covered his face it was all unfair right when he gets a new family he's already about to lose it, "Link," Salina said as she walked closer to him "your still going to be adopted I promise," she said then sate down beside him, Link looked up to see his new sister smiling at him Link smiled back her then hugged her crest Link then started thinking up a idea he knew a thing or too about dragonology "hey do you have a storage stomach," he asked Salina looked down at him "yes I do,... Oh I'm so stupid why didn't I think of that before," she said then slapped her head with her paw "alright little bro," she said then her head came down to his level "hope in," she said then her jaws parted exposing her large white fangs that were the size of swords and pasted then was her massive spongy red tongue "before I go in can I have light," he asked, Salina closed her mouth then raised her head she used her tail to grab something then the tip of her tail brought a small lantern that she light with the fire she then handed it to Link, the boy smiled as he looked at the new lantern "thanks sis," Salina opened her mouth again Link held up the lantern to light the inside of Salina's mouth Link climbed pasted two large fangs then stepped into the spongy surface of her tongue Link took off his shoes then tossed them out of her mouth Alex began to walk feeling the warm moist ground under his bare feet.

Salina closed her mouth leaving Link in only a bit of darkness Link's legs sank into the red spongy flesh as he took step by step exploring the inside of Salina's mouth, he sate down on the large end of her tongue then rested back laying flat on the tongue, "its soft, warm, and kind of conferrable," he said as he sate the lantern beside him then curled up on the soft flesh pressing his face on the spongy tongue, he could almost fall asleep in her mouth, from outside Salina smiled feeling Link resting on her tongue she enjoyed his taste "if you ever want to come in to warm up you can ok," she said in soft ton, Link rubbed the base of her tongue then smiled "ok thanks," he said then grabbed his lantern and crawled over the throat, it was like staring into another cave all together he saw a large uvula hanging from the sides of her throat he reached up and pushed the uvula with his free hand it swung back and forth a little as he stared down into the fleshy tonal that was the dragon's esophagus.

Salina felt him at the edge of her tongue and was ready to swallow "can I swallow now, Link," she asked "yes," he heard her brother say she then lifted her head up then swallowed, a lump appeared out of her neck and traveled down her long neck she playfully pawed at it as Link made his journey, Link was pushed down by many fleshy muscles and had to slide down them like water slide dew to his size Link came to large fleshy ring that opened sending Link down into a chamber, Link plopped down on the soft fleshy floor of Salina's storage stomach "welcome to your new room little bro," she said nuzzling the side were her storage stomach was.

Link looked around the stomach it was warm inside like her mouth he was actully glade to have dragon's stomach as his room he sate the lantern down on the floor then rested back on soft stomach wall "this is so conferrable," he said feeling the warm spongy flesh, "lesion carefully Link," Salina said Link took her advice he let the silence take over and he could hear the sound of Salina's heart beat "its your heart," he said curling up to the stomach wall "good night buddy," she said then gave a big yawn then fell asleep.

Link curled up to the soft stomach walls he relaxed and let the sound of his new sister's heart beat soundly sooth him to sleep, he closed his eyes and fell asleep knowing he was going to have a new family soon and he would happy with his dragon family.

The next morning Link and Salina came to a different cave Salina was welcomed by two dragons even bigger then her a red and green dragons one male and one female witch where her mother and father, two more dragons came out ones that were smaller and larger then her a little pink female dragon that was the size of Link almost it was Salina's little sister, and a large blue male dragon that was her older brother they dragon siblings nuzzled each other in greeting the father and mother caught sight of Link "who's that?" her father asked in a thundering ton
"dad can me you and mom talk please," she said as the the three dragons go into the cave, leaving him outside with the large blue dragon and his little sister he felt nervous around the older brother but he felt like he could be trusted.

After a few hours the three dragons came out Salina had a happy look on her face "we came to decision," the mother dragon said
"and we would like it if you could join are family," the father dragon said
Link smiled as he was tackled by the pink and was licked by her happily "yah new brother," she said licking his face, the blue dragon gave a rumbling chuckle watching his little sister lick his new human sibling the dragons especially Salina welcomed Link into ther home with open arms and now Link would live better life with his new family.

                                       The End
well it took me weeks but here it is.

Yep every Dragon Lover would love that lol
living with a family of dragons ^^

desided to turn it into a Legend of Zelda Story with a fumilior boy by the name of Link ;)
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