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Mike Dragoona
United States
Hello Im a dragon lover Ive been one for years and I love vore and anime I like to write and I like reading I only like vore as long as its far for both sides no one dies and everyones happy ^_^
I like being to both bad and good when it comes to faving some arts I like ;)
well thats all.

My love for dragons started when I saw the movie Dragon Heart and my vore cerosity lol I had always loved dragons I hopped to one day meet a dragon or dragoness when I was little but never did and somehow I did when I had dreams of dragons as my own family and freinds I always had such hard times as A kid my only freind was my older sister and brother and we would talk about dragons for hours.

I first came to vore when I saw some dragons swallowing the hero on TV once and I always imagged what it would be like to sit and sleep inside a dragon's belly or anything at that matter wolves, dragons, whales, digimon, pokemon I was always thinking what it be like in their bellies so yah a kid who loved vore and my sister likes vore too so yah it was kind of funny lol I us to pretend she was a dragon and she would swallow me up and let me sleep inside her belly were Id be safe she always liked to say "the safest place is my stomach," yah I believed it and I know it me and her a best friends still, I us to dream about me and her being vored by Draco from "Dragonheat" and we would sit in his stomach for hours and play games in thier too I always liked being vored Spyro and Cynder, even Saphira from "Eragon" I just loved getting vored by dragons as long as me and my sister were safe and I love non fatal, soft, safe vore cause thats how I am.

I love anime and I love all kinds of styles of anime I grew up on anime (as well as dragons) my favorite anime growing up was Digimon I always loved that show I loved how the monsters battled each other I liked it more then Pokemon I still liked it but not as much I still like some Pokemon I love the one Digimon Renamon I think she's "A sexy fox" hehe its true I really loove Renamon she was awsome, badass, hot, sexy, foxy, and a awsome fighter didn't really care for her evolving I did like the dragon digimon too and the dinosaurs I always had Growlmon as my second favorite digimon, of course I watched the one with whalmon swallowing them lol what do you exspect lol. Another anime that was most favorite of all that stood out from the rest the most awsome Anime in my eyes. And it was DragonBall Z I loved that show it was so amazing I loved the fighting the battle the story just everything, my favorite sages would have to be:

The Vegeta Sage
The Freiza Sage
The Evil Buu Sage
The Evil Kid Buu Sage

I just loved the devolopment of the all the charaters I still like the begining of the sereis "DragonBall" I still like it but I love DBZ even more "DragonBall GT" it was ok but I didn't like it that much it should have had Goku as a adult like he was before I mean come one why make him a kid I swear I just Hate HATE stupid people what were they thinking -_-
I swear I think Bill Engvall should go down to Japan and go to the creater who thought up that idea and say "you put a bad idea in a good show did you, well Heres your sigh,".

So I am a dragon lover by heart and Im glade to be a lover of dragons their the most amazing creatures and I still hope to meet one someday.

Awsome Dragon Vore Animations…………

Im also on FA…

YouTube Account…

My DA Family:

Dragon Train Dad :icontrainman666:

Mentor/ Master/ Uncle :iconmrkeyblademaster1992:

Best Friends :iconheartman98::iconhopfel::iconterrydragonboi:

Brothers :iconmasterlevan1::iconeragon007::iconragingfire1::iconno-nameno::icongabetheblackcat2::iconrsodplz:

Little Brother :iconpawnman10:

Sister :iconrubygirl14:

Half Dragon/ Human Brother :icongriffinphillis:

Dark Hound Sister :icontwintigerpaw:

Dragon Sisters :icontremorsp::iconpiagued::iconendless-hunter:

Final Fantasy Friend :icondeethirteen:

Pet Fox :iconfox-under-the-stars::iconyukinari1sasaki:

Little Cousin :iconfireswordrayn:

Pokemon Brothers :iconreaper2525::iconpokeman36::iconblight-shadowhart:

Dragonite Brother :iconspiritdragontano:

Crazy Dragon Pokemon hybrid sister :iconvorishsuicune:

Digimon Brother :iconblackwargreymonfan:

Older Digimon Pokmon Hybrid Brother :iconmadartman0817:

Super Saiyan Brother :iconsupermario1123:

Dragon Brothers :iconrex3131::icondylansdepetro:

Giant Dragon Brother :iconblizzgare:

Dragon Step Brother :iconlord-josephiroth:

Scary Big Brother :iconsheilasmeal:

Wolf Sisters :iconwolffreak51: :iconevilwolf1:

Wolf Brother :iconenzo345:

My Biggest Fan :iconlexie11701:

Cyborg Buddy :iconazon-corazanna:

Favourite genre of music: Skillet,12 stones, 3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, disturbed, crush 40, Sean Schemmel, Linken park
Favourite style of art: dragons, anime, cartoons, monsters,
Favourite cartoon character: Spyro, Cynder, Draken, Link, Cloud, Goku, Vegeta, Master Chief, Zonoya, Malefor, Bug bunny, Godzilla
I can't get it why everyone can't understand it will only let me submit journals it happened when I switch my yahoo user names with DeviantArt so dont blame me blame this stupid website


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Are you even alive still? You haven't done anything in years! :(
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Phoenix in coming but dragons are Awsome too
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i am the same I am a dragon at heart and I love dragons and vore with werewolf's sergal's and any mythical creature's  
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I am a dragon in heart if not body
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Your a really amazing writer. I'm a fan of dragons and vore too.
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Does anybody know what happened to Mike?
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